Our Story

Meet Co-Founders Stephanie & Shilpa



As a first time mom to twins, Charlotte and Avery (now almost 5!), I was a fish out of a water. I read a lot of books, blogs, talked to other parents and my pediatrician – looking for information on how to raise happy, kind children who were independent thinkers and curious about the world.  I thought there should be an easier solution so every parent doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel…and so Please and Carrots was born.  We spent hundreds of hours with experts – child psychologists, pediatricians and teachers – to create a simple and fun program for children newborn to three years old, the period of life in which the greatest amount of brain development happens.  We want to help you create happy, curious life-long learners!



My father was a psychiatrist and I remember many car trips playing fun games and puzzles, which I now realize he deliberately chose to help me learn new words, ideas and problem solving skills. He researched what I needed and when, and that was the key to my learning. Now when I give gifts to all the little kids in my life, I want to spark that same curiosity and a love of learning.
And now as a new mom with my daughter Meera who is almost 1, I’m excited to bring this philosophy to my own family!

Take a look around, and let us know if you have any questions. We are not a big company, and you are not just a customer. We really love hearing from all of you! When you contact us, you’ll hear back from one of us as soon as possible.

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