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Learning About Food Additives

by Jessica Shellenberger, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
Mother And Daughter Walking Down Grocery Aisle In Supermarket

Have you ever felt concerned about the ingredients on food labels that you can’t pronounce? Or worried about the safety of feeding those food additives to your children? Many of us worry over these food issues daily. Here we will address food additives and how they are regulated, along with a registered dietician’s perspective, to help you make your best choices at the grocery store.

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Coloring Helps Development – Free Coloring Sheets

by Steph and Shilpa
Coloring picture

Springtime is finally here and we have a few free coloring sheets for you to enjoy with your little one, which are fun especially on a rainy afternoon. Coloring helps development in a variety of ways:

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When to introduce consequences

by Dr. Amanda Williford, Child Psychologist, Research Professor, UVA
when to introduce consequences

What do you do when your child won’t listen to you or is misbehaving? Time-outs? Give-in? Do you find yourself impatiently ordering them to just follow your directions? Time to introduce consequences!

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The honest truth: lies have benefits

by Stephanie Chan
fingers crossed

At our last appointment, our pediatrician told us we would start to see our 3 year old twins “tell tales”. She told us not to be concerned or dissuade them. The honest truth is – lies have benefit.

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Fun activities for holiday travel

by Melissa Jenkins, Educator in Early Childhood Education and Deaf Education
little girl with suitcase travel in the airport

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? You may hear that question many, many times while traveling to over the holidays, so we have some fun activities for holiday travel to help!

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