An example of what’s inside…

For 9-12 months old

Panda (2)


Milestone: Able to pick up or move objects

Skill Development: Fine motor skills

What to work on and why: Now is the time to work on the pincer grip, which enables your child to pick up small items using their thumb and index finger.

Help your child learn: Demonstrate with this Peek-a-Boo Panda how to hold the paws with their thumb and index finger. Show them how to flip the paws open and closed, revealing the panda’s eyes.



Gestures can have words too. Keep building your child’s vocabulary by labeling her gestures. Notice what she is doing and talk about it. Yawning, rubbing her eyes, laughing, smiling, pointing, waving, clapping, nodding and shaking her head are all forms of communication that have a name and a purpose. “Wave bye-bye!”



Download a fun, interactive activity here:  Activity Example (9-12 months)


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