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Birth to age 3 is a critical time for brain development.

However, there is no formal learning until preschool.

So we give parents what they need to be their child’s 1st teacher.



A Quarterly Learning Box Matched to Milestones

We’ve spent 100’s of hours with respected clinical and academic experts AND mom tested!

  • 5 learning toys + books delivered at the right time to support milestones
  • 3 language development activities by a speech pathologist
  • 6 teacher-created activities to develop motor, cognitive + social skills
  • Solutions to problems throughout the stages – sleep, feeding, potty training, etc.
  • And more!

 See an example of an item in our 9-12 month box 


Why quarterly? We match to developmental milestones which happen over 3 months. This also gives you a chance to adjust the pace of learning to your individual child’s needs.

Can’t I just look at the ages on toys and follow that? The age recommendation (0m+, 6m+, 2Y, etc) are, first, a safety rating and often not matched to development. An 18m+ toy might be optimal at 2 1/2 years if you use it to develop a specific skill.

Do I need to return the box every quarter? No – everything is yours to keep!

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“My baby LOVES the toys and they are ones I wouldn’t have thought to buy – so glad we discovered this!”

– from Emily S., mom

“My nephew loved it. I’ve given several more gifts and everyone has been thrilled. I love that I’ve found such a special and unique gift.

– from Matthew T., uncle

“My grandson and I say THANK YOU! I’m so glad you helped me get this to him – he loves his first box!”

– from Patricia G., grandmother



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